| December 2016 – September 2017 – December 2017

Terrence Ciccolella is a visual artist from New Jersey. “CHICK” is a nickname influenced by the first syllable of his last name. Ciccolella is the Founder and Curator of Bottom of The Barrel Art. His art illuminates his cultural influences, creativity, personality, and passion for skateboarding. Ciccolella’s work on display is mixed media made with oil paint, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and spray paint on canvas. His black and white pictures are coated with color. The sculpture is made out of foam board, paper, nails, and a plastic pipe. Ciccolella’s art is for sale and commissions work for interested buyers and collectors.

Ciccolella curated and directed art exhibits for his community during his college years. He curated various styles of art by artists from New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California, United Kingdom, and Spain. Ciccolella thereon graduated and achieved a Bachelors degree in the Arts. He majored in Studio Art – Secondary Education (K-12) and minored in Art History. Ciccolella holds a Teacher of Art – New Jersey CEAS certificate and continues to work in education, paint, skateboard, curate, and direct art exhibitions.


Brix City 2017 exhibit pictures


Alementary 2016 exhibit pictures