Katherine Vlasak

| January 12, 2017 – February 5, 2017 

Katherine Vlasak has been taking pictures since 2005. In high school and college she specialized in film photography, moving into the digital realm post-graduation. Although digital photography has become the medium she uses today, she still has a passion for film and incorporates that into the use of her camera by utilizing the manual settings and by foregoing the use of any digital enhancement programs. This exhibit features photographs from all aspects of life. From the little things we experience as people in our everyday lives, to the hardships of what happens at the end of our life. Katherine enjoys photographing subjects that make her viewers think deeper about what they are looking at. She wants her viewers to experience what she experiences when she slows down and takes the time to immerse herself in her art. Life happens fast, but sometimes we need to take a deep breath and reflect on all the good, and sometimes the bad, that makes living this life such an amazing adventure.