Brendon Reynolds

| February 9, 2017 – March 5, 2017

As I make the first line, there is the sound of ink seeping into wood – I’m sure of it. Often times prior to drawing, I stare blankly at a canvas for what could be days. I know that what I want to create, is there. It’s fun when I think about that sound that I call “the beginning forever” before I attempt to make it. The weeks before I begin to create a piece I think fondly on my subject, or idea, and upon conceptualizing it I release it. I forget that my concept ever existed until the sound comes back again; and then I begin.

My art features surreal narrative driven works about love and obsession on handmade wood panels. In each work I explore inward to solve some sort of problem which plagues me, using line as therapy. Upon each canvas I’ve told a story, some more involved than others; however all contained on these panels.

This series are heavily centered in a science-fiction/fantasy world setting. It combines multiple universes I have created through my comic books as “Kid Animal,” as well as art from my childhood. I use these characters and these settings to try and talk about something real, and tangible but subtle.