Michael Thomas Calabro

| March 9, 2017 – April 2, 2017


Michael Thomas Calabro is a visual artist using mixed media focusing on the social, political, and the human condition. Calabro owns Tess Delia Studio in Piermont, NY where he works and lives. His studio dually acts as a gallery for invited artists to exhibit. Recent exhibitions include Viewpoints, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Rockland Roots, and Collection Nouvelle with artists Kristina and Arend Fuhrmann.

Recent works include abstractions of still lives and the figure lifting off of cubism and stained glass. Fragments break up every form culminating into vibrant and thought-provoking compositions. Pen, watercolor, colored pencil, oil paint and pastel are used while layering drawing on top of drawings to arrive at each work in ‘Staring Contest.’ This age old game brings two individuals together to face off with nowhere to hide. Usually creating a feeling of fear, uneasiness or joy and laughter. However Calabro’s paintings remove the second figure with juxtaposing a flower in for the game. A game to decide a winner and loser.

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