George Chiavelli

| 10/05/17 – 10/29/17

Saucer Full of Secrets

George Chiavelli’s artwork tends to coexist between the real world and the virtual world. Whether the outcome is painting or sculpture, or any other means of visual art, all of Chiavelli’s work starts as a passing idea. Occasionally, it is something George feels that needs to be created immediately; others may take much longer to fully develop. It all evolves from his personal journey of questioning the truths in this world. This stems from a love of history and a constant need for visual expression. Which leads Chiavelli to make art. There are no boundaries in his production of art. Chiavelli remains immersed in many projects at a time as to not drown in the river of ideas that is constantly flowing; while always searching for his next great spark of inspiration!


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