Tony Shenderovich

| April 12, 2018 – April 29, 2018

“Where is Everyone?”

This exhibit is compromised of five islands connected through a set of bridges, an overhead cloud, and a cloth backdrop. Shenderovichs’ islands were designed to be full of life but devoid of people. Instead, the islands serve as a platform ready to be populated by the audience. Shenderovich wanted to push his viewers to dive into their imaginations and envision the inhabitants’ stories.

Tony Shenderovich provided everything the inhabitants need: a water well, a farm, housing, a food market, and a place for leisure. However, there is one island far from the rest. Not many visitors apparently wander there and it seems unkempt and ignored. Is someone hiding there? Check every nook and cranny, under every rock, and behind every tree. Is there anybody there?

As an artist, Tony Shenderovich enjoys experimenting with different tools, materials, and styles. Currently, Shenderovich is creating dioramas of landscapes. He has received a BFA in animation from William Paterson University and will be receiving a MS in Art Therapy and Counseling from The College of New Rochelle.


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| To check out more of Tony’s work find him on Instagram @shenderovich_art