BOTBA: Frequently Asked Questions

What days will the exhibit be on display?

During regular brewery hours open to the public (Thursday-Sunday). Check brewery website for hours.

Do you offer insurance for the art?

No. Artists are responsible for their art during their exhibit.

Has any art been mishandled or destroyed?


Do artists sell their work that is being exhibited? Who decides pricing?

Yes. Artists may sell their art during their exhibit. Artists may decide the price of their pieces. Although, we encourage the artists discuss their pricing with the curator.

Is a terms and agreement document presented?

Yes. This is presented to all participating artists.

What is the art sale percentage?

80% Artist | 20% Curator

How long will my art be exhibited for?

3 weeks.

What type of art can I exhibit?

Paintings, photography, mixed media, video, and sculpture.

Does the artist hang their art by themselves at the venue?

No. Our experienced curator will help hang the art with the artist.

Does my art have to be “hang” ready?

Yes. Stretched – Wired – Framed.

How is the art hung on the barrels and walls?

We use nails and/or velcro command strips

Can the artist bring in food for the opening reception?


At the venue, where can I exhibit my art?

Art is exhibited on the Barrel Wall, four other areas of the walls inside the brewery tasting room, two window sill spots, and the outdoor area.

When can I come to the venue to setup my art?

During the week of the opening. This date will be discussed between the curator and the artist.

Who handles the sale transactions?

The curator and artist only.

How can I participate to exhibit my art?

Go to our ‘Contact‘ page and submit your information.

Can interested artists view the venue before committing to an exhibit?

Yes. Enjoy a refreshing pint or flight of craft beer while you’re here.

Are participating artists allowed to drink craft beer during their exhibit?

Yes. Have fun! Drink responsibly.



“There Will Always Be People.”

Past photography exhibit by Evan Febrillet.